Patricia Arquette Says Only GOP Should Suffer Milano’s Sex Strike


Patricia Arquette

To Fight Bad Abortion Laws

Don’t Bang These Types of Guys!!!

5/15/2019 12:40 AM PDT


Patricia Arquette thinks Alyssa Milano‘s heart is in the right place with her so-called sex strike — but she thinks it needs to be narrowed a bit to battle harmful abortion laws.

The outspoken actress spoke with us Tuesday at LAX about the newest hot-button issue surrounding a controversial law in Georgia that just passed, and Alyssa’s call-to-arms to fight it … women to withhold sex from men until the Peach State reverses course.

Patricia agrees the Georgia law poses a serious danger to women, but worries the strike might cast too big a net.  

Check it out … Patricia agrees something’s gotta be done to ensure women have autonomy over their bodies

On the blanket solution of a #sexstrike for all though, Patricia doesn’t think most women will go for that. Unless, of course, you start to divvy up the potential recipients of said strike into blue or red, and where theses fellas fall in the voter’s box.

Now you got something effective — according to her, anyway.

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